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Maté Maté is a sparkling icetea from Copenhagen

It’s 100 % organic

High natural caffeine content from the maté leaves

Cold brewed on real yerba maté tea leaves

Mixed with real lemon and lime juice
– never from concentrate

Tea, sugar, lime, lemon & bubbles. That’s it.

Drink it as a refreshing ice tea, as an energy booster or use it as a mixer


If you want to know more about our story, Maté Maté, or how to drink it, keep reading

In 2012, 13 friends from Nørrebro, Copenhagen, started brewing maté tea in their own kitchen and served it as a homemade ice tea and vodka drinks at local street parties. With its original, re- freshing taste and natural high caffeine content, it quickly became a local favorite.

As the demand for our maté increased, we started dreaming of bottling our own ice tea. We started our company, Nørrebrew, in 2013 and after a lot of talking, cooking, testing and tasting, we were finally ready to hit the streets with our very own Maté Maté in 2014.

People really liked it, so we sold out our first batch within a month. After this we started making bigger and bigger batches. As we learned more about making ice tea, we started looking at our own little drink and wondered how we could improve it.

First, we made it organic. This was the single most important thing for us and the best improvement we have ever made. Sec- ond, we replaced all the extracts with real tea leaves. A year lat- er we changed our regular hot brew to a 16 hour cold brewed which gives even more taste and less bitternes. And finally, we took out the lemon- and lime concentrates and replaced them with real juices.

We are really proud of the result:

•  100% organic
•  Cold brewed from real yerba maté tea leaves
•  Real lemon and lime juice – never from concentrate
•  High naturligt caffeine content

Maté Maté has become a refreshing, sparkling ice tea, that the people of Copenhagen love and drink in a variety of ways: As a refreshment, as an energy booster and as a unique mixer for drinks and cocktails.



Let’s face it, what’s more refreshing than a sparkling ice tea? Especially one that’s not filled with sugar, fruit aromas and oth- er strange additives. Drink it with lunch or to quench your thirst. Plain and simple.

Energy boost:

The naturally high caffeine content in yerba maté tea makes it a great alternative to synthetic energy drinks or hot coffee on a warm summer day.


In many european cities, especially Berlin, Yerba Maté ice tea has made its way onto the dancefloors, clubs and bars as a mixer. The iconic Maté Vodka drink has been the fulcrum of many hot clubs.